Joan Picó (Barcelona 1978) is an environment artist, digital illustrator and graphic designer specialized in the creation of scenes on a broad scale with the use of procedural modelling and procedural distribution techniques.

He studied System Analysis (CENEC 1994 - 1997), to become later on interested in 3D creation techniques and digital video (Fak D'Art 1997 – 2002).

He produced with Llucià Riba one of the first Spanish short films in 3D: “2.0” (1999). Afterwards, working with the Hermanos Lagares, they made the first short film fusing 3D techniques and play dough together in “Los Girasoles” (2000).

Also with Llucià Riba, he produced the first virtual flight over Barcelona (2004) using photographic and elevations data from the Catalan Cartography Institute (Institut Català de Cartografia).

During his eighteen years of career as an environment artist, Picó also worked as a publisher, graphic and web designer and a corporate graphic designer for different companies and businesses. As well as editor and video operator for BTV, RadioChango and other producers of multimedia content.

In the present, he also collaborates with the graphic studio of Enric Huguet in the digitalization and restoration of originals, along with the design, modelling and rendering of temporary architectural set-ups for diverse entities.

Picó is cofunder and president of the association “A través del mirall”. A non-profit organization whose goal is to bring art and the artistic experience closer to people and to collectives with diversity or social exclusion risk.

He's also a member of the hardcore band “The Suekas” and of the electronic music band “LLIMAC”.